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Mahesh Reddy Photography

Two of my great passions in LIFE are Photography & Travel. Though I was graduated to be a computer engineer, my love for travel gave rise to a Photographer in me, which drifted me away from computer languages & instead gave me a new way to see life through my lenses. What fascinates me is The Nature in itself, which is so colorful & vibrant…. My travel has helped me see different species of birds, wildlife, their style of living & to study their behavior

Our naked eye can miss to pay attention to details what Nature has to offer… I always felt an urge to be a part of it… as a little boy and while growing up though I gazed at the skies or looked at the colours on butterflies, I never thought that is what I would wanna be doing for ever… It fills my heart with inexplicable bliss and tranquility when I’m on my trips to capture Beauty around… I have seen the best sights through my lenses; be it be the bird feeding their chicks or The Big Cat lazing and basking in the Sun… I feel complete when I’m amongst them… Calm, quiet and Serene… My heart sees vibrant colours, feels million emotions and longs for many more sights… Sharing few such magnificent moments with you through this gallery.. hope you live the moments through these pictures too…

In an never ending quest to feel complete